A photo of a bespoke mobile home with flower beds and decking

For those looking for a holiday home in the UK, buying a new or second-hand mobile home can be an affordable option. The main advantage in buying a mobile home over a touring caravan is that you do not need to tow it around with you. It can therefore be much bigger and accommodate all the home comforts you require. If you want a sprung based bed, that is not a problem. Kitchens can be better equipped than most permanent homes and bathrooms can come with full sized baths as well as showers.

Photo of a stylish mobile home set in a woodland background.

Many people purchase mobile homes to live in on-site while they renovate or self build. This has many advantages over renting accommodation during the self-build process. Others buy mobile homes as additional accommodation for friends or relatives. If you are fortunate enough to own your own patch of land, then the company from whom you buy your mobile home will in most cases be able to quote you for siting and connecting. This tends to be a wise move since they have the expertise and can even employee a crane lift if necessary to site the mobile home in a back garden.

Other uses of mobile homes are as agricultural units for staff accommodation, fruit farm lodgings and site offices for the construction industry.

Having decided on where you would like your mobile home to be in the country, the other important considerations are the initial cost and the running costs per year. Annual site fees have to be taken into account and vary from one park to the next, generally depending on the area of the country and the facilities on the park.The cost of a mobile home need not be astronomical and can start at just £3000 for a good used model. At these levels you may well find that a mobile home purchase is well within your budget.

A photo of a typical mobile home with a for sale sign in the window

Most park owners will only site mobile home that have been purchased from them, so you need to be certain that it is the right park for you. Most parks have a good choice of second-hand mobile homes in addition to their showground featuring new models. By buying mobile homes in the UK a great many people have been able to afford their Ďplace in the suní. Indeed, some people divide their time between homes - usually spending the summer in the UK and moving to warmer climes in the winter.

The market for mobile homes is buoyant and there are always owners wanting to upgrade to the latest model. This means that if you donít want to purchase a new model, there is a continuous supply of used mobile homes from which to choose. You will find that some of them have hardly been used!